Earthquake destroyed “Lang’s Home” for the elderly, sick, 
invalids and abandoned persons in Croatia

On December 29, Croatia was hit by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake in central Croatia, following a series of powerful aftershocks. The quake, that struck about 30 miles southeast of the capital Zagreb, was the largest quake to hit Croatia in 2020. The earthquake killed seven people leaving a trail of destruction throughout the country.

Mijo Nikić SJ, from the Social Apostolate Delegate from Croatia and President of the “Lang’s Home” saw his Foundation being destroyed leaving its residents without a roof over their heads.

“Lang’s Home” for the elderly, sick and abandoned was founded in 2006 in Mala Gorica, near Petrinja in Croatia. The Foundation offers housing facility for the elderly, sick, abandoned and vulnerable. Father Mijo Nikić found himself in “Lang’s Home” at the time of the second earthquake. He shares with us his testimony of destruction while appealing for our solidarity.

A first hand testimony

“At the time of the most devastating earthquake on December 29, 2020, I was on the second floor of Lang’s home. Although I was hit by one object in the ribs, I immediately started rescuing people trapped in their rooms together with our workers, many of whom were immobile. Thank God, we managed to bring our old and infirm people all out unscathed. We called their relatives and half of them were taken away by their children and friends. We accommodated ten of our elders in two nursing homes in Velika Gorica. “Lang’s Home” is practically destroyed and it is impossible to return to it for now. We ask all people of good will and noble heart to help us so that the Foundation can continue to care for all those in need. I believe that many who have seen our torment and helplessness before the destructive force of the terrible earthquake will be involved in the action of restoring the home. Let us remember the words of Jesus: “Truly, I say to you, you have done to me as you have done to one of the least of these brothers of mine” (Mt 25:40). All our benefactors are involved in our Holy Masses and the rosary prayers of our beneficiaries. Thank you on behalf of everyone needed! God bless you and rewarded you!
Fr. Mijo Nikić SJ
President of Lang’s Foundation